When it comes to military careers, few are as highly sought-after as the 68W MOS. This position, also known as the Combat Medic, is critical for keeping soldiers healthy and safe in the field. But for those who truly want to challenge themselves, the 68W Option 40 contract length may be the way to go.

First, what is the Option 40 contract? This is a specific type of enlistment contract that allows soldiers to join the Army with the intention of becoming a Ranger. Those who sign this contract are guaranteed a shot at attending Ranger School and potentially joining the 75th Ranger Regiment. This is a highly specialized and elite unit that is known for taking on some of the toughest missions in the military.

So, how does the 68W MOS fit into this? Soldiers who sign a 68W Option 40 contract are committing to becoming a Ranger-qualified Combat Medic. This means completing both the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) and Ranger School, in addition to the standard combat medic training. Not only is this a physically and mentally demanding path, it requires a significant time commitment as well.

According to the Army’s official website, the 68W training pipeline for Option 40 soldiers can take up to two years. This includes Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training for the Combat Medic MOS, RASP, and finally Ranger School. For those who successfully complete the training, the commitment to the 75th Ranger Regiment can last anywhere from three to six years.

So, is signing a 68W Option 40 contract worth it? That depends on the individual soldier’s goals and motivations. This path is not for the faint of heart, and requires a high level of physical fitness and mental toughness. However, for those who are committed to becoming a Ranger-qualified Combat Medic and serving in one of the Army’s most elite units, it can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

It’s important to note that the length of the Option 40 contract is the same as any other enlistment contract – typically four years. However, the training requirements for becoming a Ranger-qualified Combat Medic can extend the commitment to the Army significantly. It’s also worth noting that the 75th Ranger Regiment has a high operational tempo, meaning soldiers in this unit can expect to deploy more frequently than in other units.

Overall, the 68W Option 40 contract is a challenging and demanding path, but one that can lead to a highly rewarding military career. For those who are committed to becoming a Ranger-qualified Combat Medic and serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment, the time and effort invested can pay off in ways that are difficult to match in other careers.

68W Option 40 Contract Length
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