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The Victoria Bri Agreement was a treaty signed between the United Kingdom and Argentina in 1990, which aimed to promote peaceful relations and cooperation between the two countries. The agreement was named after the two major cities involved in the Falklands War: Victoria (Argentina) and Brighton (UK).

One of the key points of the agreement was the establishment of a joint commission that would oversee issues related to trade, fishing, oil exploration, and transportation between the two countries. This commission would also address outstanding disputes between the two nations, including the Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute.

The agreement was largely seen as a positive step towards resolving the tensions between the two countries. However, it was not universally accepted, and there were critics on both sides who felt that the agreement did not go far enough in addressing important issues.

For example, some in Argentina felt that the treaty did not do enough to address the issue of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, while some in the United Kingdom saw it as a concession to Argentina`s territorial claims.

Overall, the Victoria Bri Agreement represented an attempt to move past the hostility and conflict of the Falklands War and establish a more cooperative relationship between the UK and Argentina. While the treaty has not completely resolved all of the issues between the two countries, it remains an important milestone in their ongoing relationship.

Victoria Bri Agreement
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