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Scheduling Agreement Tra: A Comprehensive Guide

A scheduling agreement is a contract between a vendor and a customer that defines the delivery schedule and the quantity of goods that will be provided. This agreement is usually drafted by the vendor and sent to the customer for approval. Once approved, it governs the relationship between the two parties for the duration of the contract.

In the context of SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products), scheduling agreement tra refers to the scheduling agreement transaction code. It is a transaction code used to manage scheduling agreements in SAP. This transaction code allows you to view, create and modify scheduling agreements.

Creating a Scheduling Agreement in SAP

To create a scheduling agreement in SAP, you need to use the scheduling agreement tra transaction code. Once you have opened the transaction, follow the steps below:

1. Start by entering the vendor`s number and the purchasing organization`s details.

2. Next, select the scheduling agreement category. This will determine the type of agreement you want to create.

3. Decide on the validity period of the contract. This is the duration over which the contract will be in force.

4. Choose the delivery schedule type. You can opt for a fixed delivery schedule, a delivery schedule based on a specific period, or a delivery schedule based on the order quantity.

5. Specify the delivery dates and quantities.

6. Enter the payment terms.

7. Finally, save the agreement.

Modifying a Scheduling Agreement in SAP

To modify an existing scheduling agreement in SAP, navigate to the scheduling agreement transaction code. Once you have the agreement open, select the `Change` option. You can then edit any of the details of the agreement, such as delivery dates, quantities or payment terms. Once you have made the necessary changes, save them by clicking on the `Save` button.


Scheduling agreement tra is a vital transaction code in SAP that enables vendors to effectively manage their scheduling agreements. By creating and modifying agreements regularly, vendors can ensure that they meet their delivery targets and satisfy their customers. The steps outlined in this article provide a comprehensive guide on how to create and modify a scheduling agreement in SAP. With this knowledge, vendors can effectively manage their scheduling agreements, ensuring timely delivery of goods to their customers.

Scheduling Agreement Tra
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